What are fractals?

This term was coined in 1975 to describe shapes that seem to exist at both the small-scale and large-scale levels in the same natural object. Fractals can be seen in snowflakes, in which the microscopic crystals that make up a flake look much like the flake itself. They can also be seen in tree bark and in broccoli buds. Coastlines often represent fractals as well, being highly uneven at both a large scale and a very small scale. Fractal geometry has been important in many fields, including astronomy, physical chemistry, and fluid mechanics. (Merrian-Webster Dictionary). Learn more here: Fractal Foundation


What is special about Spiritfractal™ art?

The images carry light, energy, activations and information based on the intention set at the start of creating the Spiritfractal.  The artist is in a meditative state and is not aware during the creation process (some take hours) of what the final image will look like or how long it will take to fully complete.


How are the personal Spiritfractal™ portraits, Soulfractals™, created?

The artist, Ferdinand uses the same process as for the Spiritfractals; however, instead of holding the intention of a topic, the intention is set for the highest and best good of the person whose information we have (name, city location). Working in connection with the higher realms including your guides and our guides in a meditative state, your image is created. 

What is the best way to use the Spiritfractal™ or Soulfractal™ images?

The images will provide life enhancing and positive energy to any space it is placed. Some people use their images as a focus during meditation, opening up to the information that is coming through the image. Others frame the images and put in prominent places in their home for the energy to radiate in their personal space. Some use the book for guidance, asking a question and being guided to open at a certain page to receive the message.  We’ve also had others, with permission, use an image as part of their business materials. (See how the Spiritfractal on death is incorporated here: Exitmatters)

How are the written intuitives created?

The writer, Jennifer meditates on the Spiritfractal or Soulfractal image with the intention for the highest and best good whether the general theme or for the person receiving the fractal. Through automatic writing, the message is translated. The personal Soulfractal written intuitive are approximately 500 words. The information is to assist the view of the image and the wording is also a transmission. However, as with all information, the truth will be found within the person viewing the image and interpreting the words for themselves.