All is in divine timing and all is well. Your only requirement is that you sit still and listen. Listen with your heart - not your mind. 

Your earth-bound beings are represented by the lower portion of the image, seen as separated by the green tendrils: heart chakra earth. The array of chakra colours are present, even the pink of love that is behind the green heart. You will notice that the deep indigo blue of the 6th chakra is not as present but there are many large representations of blue.  These images of many colours are your lifetimes of will, speaking, and in some cases feeding the dark. But also there is a balanced those chakras with the “higher” dimension of prink and magenta. You also carry much love and compassion. Interesting how the magenta of compassion surrounds the darker aspects. You know you are always balancing. Nothing is ever “wrong” - you learn by your experiences and by the willingness to try.  There is always light within too.  You are always drawn to these earthbound adventures, trying to get it right. There is never a “right place” or a destination - it is all in the every-expanding journey.

There is also the message of the earth tendrils forming from the light, will, heart, spiritual knowing, and being manifest while integrated into the spiritual and also being rooted. The joining of the Earth with the Christ light (light, gold, pink), being manifest while held in spiritual knowing, rooted deeply, feed by the sacred womb space and high heart. This is your mission. The earth-bound beingness also feeds your multidimensional self as represented by the Earth tendrils moving into the spirals above.

See how much larger your multidimensional Self is relative to your numerous lives on Earth. Thousands of spirals  illustrating how infinite you are. There really is no rush - it is all about experiencing. So what do you choose to experience in this life? If you would like a life of ease and grace, then jump to that spiral. It can look very similar but the feeling is different.  This is the power of your infinite self. You can literally “jump spirals” to an aspect you would prefer. Each spiral cycles through all the colour (frequency) experiences desired by the Soul but the reality of these experiences can be very different.  There is lightness, unconditional love, birthings, high heart, wisdom, knowing, connection, knowledge from the Earth, Stars, Sea and Sky. Everything is always present. What you decide to put your attention to, is what is pulled from the spiral for you to experience. Want more love? Pull love from the infinite and jump to that spiral. Want more freedom? What does that feel like to you? Jump to that spiral by envisioning and knowing to expect that feeling in your experience.

When you choose a spiral to jump to for that feeling experience, by your spiral movement that will also emirate out for others and move you to the next phase and stage of your spiral, or a completely different one if you like. IT is not about checking off boxes and getting it done. It is about feeling the experience, deciding if it is what  you want and intending to pull a new experience to you - gracefully, easily, joyful or in whatever manner you choose. If an experience starts to feel “off”, then choose again. Trust your Soul has you and look at your possibilities.

It is quite possible to be in the exact same place and same time and have completely different experiences depending on the feeling spiral you choose.  See how you can skip an entire loop if you follow the serial around but yet each “colour spot” is connected quickly and directly down or up through all the colours (frequencies) with slightly different aspects. No matter where you choose to go - you get what is needed.

A physical discomfort 

When there is a physical blockage in the body, it is a reflection of a blockage in beliefs. There is the requirement to look at what is no longer serving you.

  • What can be released?
  • What thoughts in this lifetime are causing a block?

Usually any apprehension to look and release is based on fear.

Do you realize:

  • You can live in Joy without ending
  • You can live in happiness without feeling sadness
  • Life does not need to be a struggle to still be fulfilling
  • You can live a life in service to others and still be abundant
  • You can have fullness in health and wellness without any disease

You must be careful of this belief of needing balance. Yin and Yang do not need to coexist. It can be all white and all black as it is only an experience. You create the experience around yourself. There is no judgement.

All beliefs change instantaneously. To change your belief you need to change in your heart. It is not mental. The Universe will express to you what is in your heart. You can feel the blockage transforming out of the body and this will be mirrored in your experience.


Achieving dreams (competitive sports example)

Any “blocks” are created by you as there is much tension. Do not focus on the steps to achieving the goal, instead focus on enjoying the journey. There can be too many steps and goals to achieving your dreams which put on added pressure.

When you are competing or even practicing, keep joy in your heart. This will allow the power to go through your muscles. When you hold too many goals in your mind, fear is evoked and you become weaker (especially during competitions).

When you fear, your muscles tense up and our imagination creates things that do not exist. Fear is a projection of the future.

You have everything in you already. You just need to allow it to surface. Believe in  yourself. Your guides, soul, angelic support all believe in you. Call upon them when you are competing, Visualize quietly, meditate before practice and before competing: see yourself flowing, relaxed, powerful. Tap into that energy when physically performing and that state becomes second nature.



Most people do not realize that the mind keeps the body in operation (functioning) but it is the heart that runs the energy for the body. 

Every soul yearns to unify to global oneness, not to be separate. Every soul and heart wants to unify. Answers that are needed become obvious when you transcend separations. Your beliefs are tribal: all of humanity has the same issues, fears, wants. and believe in separate from each other. Even those in “higher” realms are not separate. All are expressions of the same.

If you sit back and expand your view to take a look at the larger picture, identify areas that stand out. See areas that fade away as these are not relevant whereas, the areas that remain are needed to be in your focus.