Fractal Art

There is an abundance of fractal art being created today. At the most basic level, fractals are repeating geometric patterns continually getting larger or smaller.
What you will notice about the Spiritfractal™ images is that they contain an incredible amount of energy and light codes which are embedded into the image during the creation process. 

Ferdinand Mels - The Artist


Ferd, born and raised in Africa, is an award-winning commercial photographer. For over 30 years his studio has specialized in product shots for various industries. He is also well known for building communities, garden train “moving art” models, rowing, and most recently as a carbon-fibre boat builder. Along with training in Shamanism, Master Alignment and Channelling, he completed his Metaphysical Science Degree at Sedona University. 

Jennifer Williams - The Writer


Jen’s interest in spirituality and understanding her own healing journey has led her to study many modalities including Reiki, Energy Therapy, Master Alignment, Metamorphosis, Transformational Enlightenment, working with essential oils, plant essences, Angel Certification, and most recently Galactic Shamanism. All paths leading to understanding the key is in her heart. Her hands on healing work is to bring to light and love the negative fractal patterns that are preventing a person from actualizing their true essence.

The information comes through us, it is not from us; however, we are part of the process as our touch is part of the final creation.

The Guides (as channeled)

We are all one. Calling on the higher consciousness realms for knowledge and information, it is our privilege to be able to provide energy, activations, and information for each person to grow and expand on their journey. We are honoured to assist you and those that seek. We come in Love, Light, and Truth. We are not separate from you, nor anyone else, as we are all truly One with Source.

Ferd & Jen