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Combining the spiritual energy of the Universe with the infinite multidimensional fractal patterns to create images that carry activations and information
Spiritfractals are an excellent means to meditate with to activate awareness and higher states of being. Spiritfractals also add positive, life-affirming energy to your space.

Unique Spiritfractal Personal Portrait: Soufractal™

Tapping into your quantum soul field. Soulfractals are image representations of each person’s unique frequency.
Each Soulfractal (personal Spiritfractal portrait) is as unique as you! Discover more about your multidimensional self.

Why Spiritfractals™?

The images are created in a meditative state with the intention to channel the fractal patterns and colours that will translate the intended fifth dimensional spiritual energy into an image.
The images carry light, energy, activations and information based on the intention. The meaning will also be interpreted to the depth and need of the viewer. Each Spiritfractal is unique and none have ever been recreated.
Soul Portrait

Your unique personal Spiritfractal Soul portrait. Tap into your multidimensional self for insight, knowledge, and healing. None are ever recreated.

Book - The Journey

Includes 22 Spiritfractal images and intuitive messages. Themes include Truth, Free Will, Peace, Joy, Addictions, Fear, Soul Alignment, Death and many others. The book is 9” x 12” in size, each image is a full page.

Spiritfractal™ Images

Choose one of the various images to enhance your space or use as a meditative focus. Available as a digital PDF or printed 11" x 14" image.

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THE JOURNEY - Spiritfractal™ book
Enjoy twenty-two Spiritfractal images and intuitive messages.
The images and intuitive writing may be seen viewed individually as "themed" life experiences, or when viewed in continuum, reflect the various touchstones of life as a journey. A journey that leads us to the realization of our divine Self.
The messages within these images are really quite simple and yet very profound. The intuitive information given is to be used as an opening or guidepost along your path.

You will gain your own understanding of the image and will interpret the words for what is needed at that moment.

Themes include Truth, Free Will, Peace, Joy, Addictions, Fear, Soul Alignment, Death and many others. The book is 9” x 12” in size, each image is a full page.
Spiritfractal book
We hope you enjoy the Journey.
"When I saw my SpiritFractal™ for the first time, I was speechless and very touched. "...
Lydia TB
"Spiritfractals have a powerful way of working on you and in your life". Jennifer Davis Exit Matters Inc.
Jen Davis
"Being with fractals is a way to understand quantum science and help expand thinking. I meditate on them when I need to be more creative. Thanks for channeling this beauty." Trae
"The Spiritfractal book is beautiful, inspiring and meditative. I highly recommend it." Juliette